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Stay Clean initiatives to our valued customers.

We have launched the initiative so that we could make staying at Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga most safe and secure for our guests.
Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga, since its founding of about 30 years ago, has been making efforts to provide high quality service to our guests, backed by our strict safety standards aiming at ensuring safe and pleasant stay at our hotel. As a result, we have not had a single incident relating to the hotel sanitary management. We believe that this was not possible without the guest’s long-standing confidence in our effort. For that, we are grateful.
However, in the face of the raging new coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, we have reviewed thoroughly the present cleanliness and sanitary standards, and decided to further strengthen the standards so that we could offer our each and every guest a better assuring service from the aspect of good hygiene than before. With a focus on the areas below, we will strengthen
our cleaning procedures.



◉Public Space

・The inside of the elevator car, handrails at staircases , and every doorknob, which are expected to have high contact frequency, are thoroughly sterilized by hand-wiping with sterilizing disinfectant, in addition to the conventional cleaning procedures.

・The number of the installation location of alcohol disinfectant spray will be increased.
Added to the existing locations, the spray will be placed beside the elevator door on every floor. As the result, all doorways, where guests come in out, are complete with alcohol disinfectant.

◉Guest Rooms

・n addition to our conventional cleaning procedures in the guest rooms , disinfection cleaning will be thoroughly done, especially in the bathroom of guest rooms.

・A handy UV germicidal lamp is placed in every room, which is designed to be capable of 99% sterilization. You could handily apply the lamp any time to whatever you might be concerned with.

・The room keys will be sterilized after every check-out.

◉Restaurants & Lounge

・Restaurant tables and chairs are wiped off with disinfectant table cloth thoroughly after each use.

・Sufficient spacing among the tables with partition will endure the guests’ safety.

・We will offer Breakfast buffet service during the certain period of time. Sufficient number of partition will be set to each dishes for protecting foods and drink. Also, we will ask all customers to wear a mask and put plastic groves while customers take foods and drinks from buffer space.

・Online reservation system will be available for lunch and we recommend to reserve the restaurants to avoid the crowds.

◉Public bath & Open air spa

・The number of people who can bathe is limited by reducing the number of the dressing room baskets by half.

・Alcohol disinfectant spray and disinfectant wipes are placed in the dressing room at guests’

◉Courtesy bus service from/to Nagano station.

・Our bus is specially equipped with a high-powered air circulator that can air the car out in just 1 minute. Thus, you can enjoy our worry-free courtesy bus service.

◉The hotel staff

・Wearing face mask, frequent gargling, thorough hand washing, and being always disinfection-conscious while working are the priorities for our hotel staff in serving our guests.

・Each hotel staff is given a private room in company dormitory, which should inevitably minimize infection risk among our staff.

We would like to ask for cooperation to our guests in order to ensure safety and security for all guests and hotel staff as follows.


・Temperature taking by non-contact thermometer will be conducted when checking-in, riding the courtesy bus, and entering the restaurants and the lounge.
We may have to ask those guests, whose temperature should turn out to be higher than 37.5 degree, to stay in a separate room.

・Guests are expected to use alcohol disinfectant spray placed in the hotel as many times as possible.

Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga is located in the Jyoshinetsu National Park, and at the altitude of 1,500 meters. There is no place here, all surrounded by nature, for [closed spaces], [crowded places], and [close-contact settings].
There is no place for closeness, or crowdedness, either, in the hotel construction. Every room has its own spacious balcony where you could enjoy a leisurely and relaxing time in the gentle highland breeze.
We will never stop in making efforts to offer the utmost service to our guests with the first priority given to safety and security for our guests and the hotel staff. We would appreciate your understanding that we are committed to have the privilege of welcoming you, on your next opportunity for traveling, at the most safe and clean hotel.


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