Open-air spa, as if floating in the air.

Soak in the nice hot spa, while, at the same time, soaking in the breathtaking scenery with an unobstructed 190-degree view. The spa is on the forth-floor balcony.

While soaked in the spa, you can enjoy all to yourself the magnificent view of nature in Okushigakogen, season by season throughout the year.
In Spring, wild forest of various, yet harmonized, fresh green trees.
In Summer, deep green mountain range blown by the highland’s cool summer breeze under the crystal blue sky.
In Fall, tapestry of breath-taking autumn colors, woven by broadleaf trees and coniferous trees. In Winter, surrounded by snow-covered shinning mountain ridge.
At night, truly relaxing moment, soaked in the hot spa deeply to your shoulders and watching the star-filled night sky.


The "Roten buro" has the ambience of Europe


The beautiful sunset from 4th floor


Enjoy the range of mountain in Okushiga-kogen from the "Roten buro"

Unlike hot springs, the hot water quality of our "Open-air spa" is similar to that of "Radium Hot Springs". After having studied a great variety of ore-spas around the world, we carefully selected an ore which is produced in Bad Gastein, Salzburg, Austria, the world-famous hot spring health resort. Our hot water used for this spa is treated with combination of the ore produced in Bad Gastein and the quasi-drug certificated mineral (Quasi-drugs No. 47D-477). It is expected to exert effects to improve blood circulation, increase metabolism, and strengthen self-healing power. The body-friendly quality of our hot water gives comforts in bathing to everyone of all ages.

< Effect >

Arthritis     Eczema     Lumbago     Stiff shoulders

A bruise     Poor circulation     Recovering from fatigue     Neuralgia

What is unique about Okushiga-kogen is that the Zako river, streaming down the Okushiga Valley, is one of the rare habitats of pure breed Char in Japan. Protecting this precious habitat strictly prohibits discharging used hot springs waste. We, in careful consideration to the ecosystem of Okushig-kogen, introduced a natural spa using the body-friendly hot water, and created this open-air hot spa, only one of a kind.

On the forth floor, besides the open-air hot spa, we offer large public inner baths, separated by gender with magnificent view through the floor-to-ceiling glass window extending the entire front side. Each bath, for men and women, is with spacious sauna. Our saunas are also uniquely built with a large window, you can enjoy the view of scenic beauty in Okushiga-kogen.


Large public bath with magnificent view