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LONG STAY PLAN (with half board) with Booking Specials

Total relaxation at our hotel away from the hustle and bustle of city life and thrill of sliding down the spectacular Okushiga slopes on skis, or snowboard for the length of 5 days.

We offer this Long Stay Plan with Booking Specials to those who are all for enjoying fully
the powder snow of Okushiga for a stretch of 5 days, and more. For a pre-ski & snowboard hours after your day-long skiing & snowboarding fatigue, our unique open-air spa is just in front of you for your total relaxation. Then, the Chef’s at our restaurants, Italian, Japanese and Chinese restaurants, are waiting to offer you a superb dinning. Our menus are rich in variety, so they would never let you get bored in the length of your stay. Instead, they would assure you a full satisfaction in dinning.



◎Booking special (1):
The rate of the Long Stay Plan is less than the regular price.

◎Booking special (2):
1 free soft drink per day at our lounge.

◎Term of the plan:
From December 1st , 2023, to May 5th , 2024,

3 nights stay: ¥69,000〜
4 nights stay: ¥90,100~
5 nights stay: ¥110,200~

※The price for 1 person when you stay with 2 persons in 1 standard twin room (Tax and Service fee is included)

●You can book 3 nights with half board plan from here >>>

●You can book 4 nights with half board plan from here >>>

●You can book 5 nights with half board plan from here >>>

You can choose your favorites among the menus below

Italian restaurant (La Stella Alpina)
・Italian dinner course menu (Assorted anti-pasti, pasta, fish, meat and dessert)

Japanese restaurant (kagari-bi)
・Kaiseki, traditional Japanese dinner course (Appetizer, soup, sashimi(raw fish), grilled fish, boiled
tempura(assorted deep fried fish and vegetables), rice and dessert)
・Japanese beef Sukiyaki (Appetizer, Sukiyaki hot-pot, rice and dessert)
・Shinshu pork Hot pot with snow-white graded radish (Appetizer, pork hot-pot, rice and dessert)
・Sea food Hot pot (Appetizer, Sea food hot-pot, rice and dessert)
・Hand-rolled Sushi (Appetizer, hand-rolled Sushi, miso-soup and dessert)

Chinese restaurant (kagari-bi)
・Chinese dinner course (Assorted appetizers, spring-roll, prawn with chili sauce, sautéed Japanese beef, Chinese rice cake and dessert)


Restaurant operation could be only at one of our 2 restaurants, Stella Alpina(Itarian) and Kagaibi(Japanese and Chinese), depending on operational reasons during certain periods.

You can choose between Japanese breakfast or Western breakfast.

Western breakfast(There are certain seasons when only American breakfast is served, depending on operational reasons)
・Western buffet style breakfast【4 kinds of fresh fruit juice, 6 kinds of warm dish, Omelette (cooked in front of you), Ham & Cheese, Salad, 3 kinds of fruit, Bread and Coffee】
・American breakfast【Fresh fruit juice, Yogurt, eggs(scrambled, sunny-side up, or omelette with bacon or sausage, salad, bread and coffee)

Japanese breakfast
・Japanese breakfast【Today’s grilled fish, egg dish, 2 kinds of small dish, salad, miso-soup,a plate of pickled vegetables and plum, rice or rice porridge and coffee】

◆Taxi arrangement◆

Taxi service with special discount rate is available from Nagano station to our hotel, and vice versa. For more details, visit our web-site, or contact us directly by the day before.
(Tel : +81(0)269-34-3611, email:

●You can reserve the plan from here.>>>

If you have any questions for the plans, please feel free to contact to our staff.
Tel: +81-(0)-269-34-3611

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